Adventure looms large in this vast and steamy archipelago, where the best of Southeast Asia’s spicy melange simmers tantalizingly.


The Archipelago

If you think a world can be made up of islands, you will understand the enormous variety of cultures and life styles in Indonesia. Enjoy the discovery.

Bali Island   –   Java Island

Komodo Island   –   Lombok

Your journey is ‘in private‘. You will have your own driver, and tour guide, assigned to you in each place you visit. Your trip is monitored by our head office while you travel to assure consistency and high quality of services.


The Cultures

Beyond the beach, don´t miss to know the wide variety of places and scenery in other parts of the islands. Get out of the most traditional tourist road and get to know more.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Central Foothills and North Coast

Crafts and Volcano

Eastern Foothills and Water Temple

Your journey is ‘a la carta‘. We customize the itinerary based on the amount of days you have available, your interests and hotel category preferences. We suggest and advise certain authentic experiences. It’s important that your get to know the differences between each island of Indonesia.



Bali is an utopia of culture, arts and community. One of the 17.000 islands of the archipelago of Indonesia. How tropical! How great it feels!

Your Honeymoon   –   Royal Dining

Balinese Cooking Lesson   –   Monkey Forest

Your journey is ‘unique‘. We want to ‘condiment’ your experiences with unforgettable moments. You will find these activities in each itinerary we deliver. In detail and well described.


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