Malaysia is really like two countries in one, cleaved in half by the South China Sea.


Melting Pot

The birthplace of the Malay Sultanates and Malaysia’s historic city, Malacca provided the stage on which the Portuguese, Dutch and English played out their roles in shaping history.

Malacca   –   Taman Negara

Pangkor Island   –   Redang Island

Your journey is ‘in private‘. You will have your own driver, and tour guide, assigned to you in each place you visit. Your trip is monitored by our head office while you travel to assure consistency and high quality of services.


True Paradise

Just a step from Malaysia. The natives of Sarawak, Iban and Dayak with their different lifestyle, culture and longhouses and the former rule of the White Rajah`s form the major attractions of Kuching.

Borneo   –   Sarawak

Sabah   –   Brunei

Your journey is ‘a la carta‘. We customize the itinerary based on the amount of days you have available, your interests and hotel category preferences. We suggest and advise certain authentic experiences in Malaysia.


Asian Seals

One of the most attractive features about Kuala Lumpur is the many fascinating sights concentrated within the City centre and its immediate vicinity. Cameron Highlands at 1,829 metres above sea level is Pahang state’s premier hilltop holiday spot.

Kuala Lumpur   –   Cameron Highlands

Penang   –   Langkawi

Your journey is ‘unique‘. We want to ‘condiment’ your experiences with unforgettable moments. You will find these activities in each itinerary we deliver. In detail and well described. Do not hesitate to contact us and jump start to your holiday.


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