Ditch the image of Singapore as a dull, sterile Utopia – scratch the surface and you’ll discover a strange brew of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western cultures, a rich social stew that’s anything but boring.



What a passion to excellence, cleanness, high quality properties and services! That is Singapore.

China Town   –   Little India

Orchard Road   –   Singapore Cruises

Your journey is ‘in private‘. You will have your own driver, and tour guide, assigned to you in each place you visit. Your trip is monitored by our head office while you travel to assure consistency and high quality of services.



Everything is within easy reach in Singapore; the world’s finest facilities, infrastructure, food, entertainment & activities.

Sentosa Island   –   Pulau Ubin Island

Universal Studios   –   Night Safari

Your journey is ‘a la carta‘. We customize the itinerary based on the amount of days you have available, your interests and hotel category preferences. We suggest and advise certain authentic experiences in Singapore.



Singapore, the city state that never sleeps, the Lion City. Full of extravaganza, life style, opportunities and first class asian hospitality.

Admiral Cheng Ho Cruise   –   Singapore Flyer

Fine Dining   –   Singapore Zoo

Your journey is ‘unique‘. We want to ‘condiment’ your experiences with unforgettable moments. You will find these activities in each itinerary we deliver. In detail and well described.


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